Landscape and Flower Bed Design

Providing Landscape & Flower Bed Design Services to Commercial & Residential Customers Throughout the Tampa Bay Area

A home’s landscape and flowerbed design contributes dramatically to it’s appearance. When well done, the landscape creates a setting for the home that complements and enhances the architecture.

An ordinary-looking home can be made eye-catching. A grand, imposing structure will be anchored to it’s surroundings with an equally impressive landscape.

A well-designed landscape is a permanent capitol improvement in your home. It contributes not only to the aesthetics of your home or business, as does the interior decor, but also to it’s value, which its furnishings do not.

In addition to it’s other benefits, a well-designed, well-executed, and well-maintained landscape can add anywhere from 10% – 40% to a property’s value, according to real estate appraisers and nurserymen.

Flower beds come in all sizes and outlines; they can be shaped asymmetrically to fit any corner or contour desired. Squared off symmetrically they have a rather formal appearance; curving meandering ones are more natural and informal looking.

Panorama Tree Care would like to offer you some suggestions and details to consider when choosing a layout that best suits your surrounding garden, your house style, and your personal preferences call today for your consultation.


Professional Landscape Design Software

Panorama Tree Care’s designed for landscaping , Landscaping Architect includes everything you need to create stunning plans, 3D presentations, and CAD drawings of your landscape designs. Create plans with a hand-drawn look in a fraction of the time. Help visualize your proposals and design ideas using accurately scaled drawings and renderings.


Design Landscape Plans and CAD Drawings

Design landscapes using a wide variety of easy-to-use tools. Smart objects simplify the design process of creating houses, decks, fencing, gardens, water features, and more. Customize your plans with a wide variety of plant symbols and color washes. Freely switch between 2D and 3D views as you design. Use the integrated CAD tools to design irrigation systems, planting details, installation instructions, and more. Symbol libraries are included for plants, lighting, architecture, and utilities. You can also create your own custom symbols using the wizard.


Plant Label Wizard

Panorama Tree Care’s plant Label Wizard automatically labels all of the plants in your landscape design. Label options include common name, botanical name, plant key, and quantity. Labels can be individually edited as desired. An incredible time saver, the Plant Label Wizard is also customizable and easy to modify. Need to change the font for each plant label? Simply run the wizard again with a different font setting.


Choose your Design Appearance

Create detailed stylized designs, or produce traditional CAD renderings using versatile tools. Create vibrant landscape plans, opt for a hand-drawn look using watercolor or colored pencil washes, or simply create a basic color plan that showcases the simple beauty of your ideas.


Automatic Plant Legends

Panorama Tree Care can add a plant legend with just a few mouse clicks. Options include plant symbols, common name, botanical name, quantity, plant key, and container size. The plant legend is automatically updated as you make changes. Both the layout and the style of the plant legend are adjustable by changing intuitive properties. Additionally, plant legends can be exported to Excel for further adjustment.


Advanced 3D Graphics Technology

Utilizing the latest advances in 3D graphics technology, see your landscape design ideas come to life with surprisingly realistic lighting, shadows, flowing water, and other effects. You can walk through your landscape designs, just like in real life.


Professional Presentation !!!

Create a movie and show you a virtual walkthrough of the property using your proposed landscape design changes. Movies and printouts to show the landscaping plan. Use the Print to Scale feature to print precisely scaled drawings of your landscape designs. Panorama Tree Care’s landscaping architect automatically prints multiple pages, each with crop marks to show you where they join together. Color laser and ink-jet printers are supported.


House Design Made Easy

Use the House Wizard to drop in a pre-built house, or create your own. Add houses simply by drawing their outline: the walls, trim, and even the roof are all created automatically. Easily add single and multi-story houses to your landscape design. Add doors, windows, porch lights, change the siding and roofing materials, select between gable and hip roof styles – all with just a few mouse clicks. Only the exterior of houses are modeled — not the interior. This makes houses much easier to build and edit than traditional home design programs, and helps you focus on a realistic designing of the landscape.


Extensive Object Library

Panorama Tree Care has software with over 16,000 objects, including 6,700 plants, 3,000 accessories, 2,050 plant symbols, and more. Plant types include trees, shrubs, flowers, water garden, cactus, and palms. Plant information includes common name, botanical name, planting zones, and size. We make your landscape design even more realistic with planters, pond bridges, gazebos, tables and chairs, ornaments, and more. More than 140 different rock materials are provided, including granite, marble, and limestone.


Import Digital Photographs

Panorama Tree Care can Import a digital photograph of your house and design the surrounding landscape. All common image formats are supported, including JPG, BMP, PNG, and TGA. This is a fast and effective way of showing before-and-after views of your landscaping ideas. Once your photo landscape design is complete, save it as a common image format that can be e-mailed or posted. Alternately, we can bring our laptop to you to make changes immediately if necessary.


Swimming Pools and Spas

Drop in complete swimming pool designs using the wizard, or design your own from scratch. Add pool decking, change the coping and tile, set variable pool depths, create multilevel pools and decking, and much more. Pools and spas can be any shape and size. Above and below ground pools are supported. A complete set of pool accessories with diving boards, ladders, and lighting is also included. Create highly customized swimming pool designs. Create spas that flow into pools, pools that flow into catch basins, and even pools or spas that flow into multiple other water sources.


Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, Streams

Design ponds by drawing their outline, which can be any shape or size. Choose the liner material, water depth, type of rocks surrounding the border, and more. Panorama Tree Care can add waterfalls with just a few mouse clicks. Water will flow realistically from the waterfall and into the pond, creating ripples where it lands. Use rockery to create custom spillways. Create cascading waterfalls, with the water flowing from one into the other. Pond less waterfalls can also be easily designed. Choose between a wide array of fountain types: bell, cascade, tulip, pillar, and ornamental. Fountains can be placed stand-alone, in ponds, or on top of other fountains. You can even design your own fountains and other objects using the wizard.


Create Project Estimates and Material Lists

Panorama Tree Care will provide a project material List feature, we can create a bill of materials, set item descriptions and prices, and export the result to Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet program. Panorama Tree Care’s landscaping architect automatically updates the Project Material List whenever an object is added or removed from your landscape, meaning we will spend less time calculating your work and more time focusing on your design. Once your design is complete we may print the project material list or export it to Excel for further adjustment.