Topiary of Trees and Shrubs

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TopiaryTopiary of Trees & Shrubs

Topiary is the trimming or shaping of a plant/tree/shrubbery into a desired defined shape. It is a sculpture design of a plant perfectly manicured. On occasion we will incorporate a wire cage to achieve the desired shape.

Historically people have been trained in this discipline since the Roman Empire. Pruning of the desired shape requires more time and maintenance than normal trimming process. The outcome will bring years of conversation and reward.

The best plants for topiary is species with dense foliage and tight growth habits. e.g. Ligustrum, Holly or Boxwood.

One of the most common topiary is hedges that are box shaped for privacy. Another common example of topiary we see today is at Walt Disney world with the recreation of cartoon characters. Artifical topiary has grown in popularity over the past 10 years, which offers a permanent greenery in the indoor environment.

All forms of topiary are finding there way into the residential, commercial  landscapes. Don’t forget to take a look at our artifical topiary available on our online store, we are always updating with new and beautiful arrangements.

Panorama Tree Care offers this service and is certified to create any image/shape desired on your property. Call today for your consultation for topiary of trees and shrubs. 813-234-9842